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Know-how drawn from practical experience

Leistungen: PS MANAGEMENT The economic success of a product depends not only on its retail price, which is usually dictated by the market, but also on its production costs. This is where our focus lies! As production costs are largely defined during product development and construction, we support you right from the planning and designing stage to ensure the most efficient production processes possible. And of course we also optimise existing components and production processes. A critical focal point in this respect are the logistics along the entire value chain combined with optimisation of the WIP inventory.

Services index

  • Component design
  • Process development
  • Component construction
  • Serial production
  • Tool construction
  • Tool production
  • Production machinery development
  • Production machinery construction
  • Production machinery manufacturing

Steel production

Steel bars, rolled and forged, flat steel, sectional steel, material engineering, destructive and non-destructive materials testing

Metal forming technology

Sheet metal forming, hydroforming, die forging, open-die forging

Steel refinement

Thermal steel treatment, mechanical processing, sawing, turning, peeling, etc.


Material flow, workpiece handling, automation, storage, WIP inventory optimisation, working capital

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