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Leistungen: PS MANAGEMENT In situations in which either speed is decisive or it is evident that our services will be required for a limited time only, we are your competent partner.

From the intended optimisation of the value chain to integration processes following company acquisitions, from rapid expansion to large-scale investments or resolute restructuring in crisis situations.

When managers unexpectedly become unavailable or will only be available at a later date, when the requisite competences for a temporary task cannot be resourced from within the company.

If you wish, we can contribute our experience and know-how to your company, either on a temporary basis or permanently in the role of a supervisory or advisory board.

We can also specifically coach your management by means of "learning by doing".

Services index

  • Interim management
  • Project management
  • Supervisory board
  • Advisory board
  • Management coaching
  • CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer)

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